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    Househunting Advice

    Let the soul-searching begin – it’s time to move

    Moving house has always been a major life decision, and more than ever before, home buyers are moving not only to a new house, but also changing community, town or even country.

    Stacks Property Search suggests that, rather than compiling a wishlist of features your new home must have, a move gives you an opportunity to re-evaluate every aspect of how you and your family exist, and make changes for the better.

    We have faced every type of scenario possible whilst buying a home and we collate below some of our experience:  follow the links below to find free guidance on finding your next property, or go direct to the professionals : Find your local Stacks Property Finder.

    For Families

    Getting the best schooling for your child is often cited as the #1 reason for buying the family home, but think hard first about all that that choice entails –…

    For Over 55's

    Approaching retirement provides an opportunity for re-evaluation, and this often can bring up the question of whether downsizing, re-sizing or changing location is the right decision for you. Our many…

    Divorce & Property

    With one in three marriages ending in divorce, it’s a sad fact that a significant number of property sales and purchasers in the current static market are as a result…
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