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    In an increasingly busy and competitive world, engaging a professional property buying agent for such an important purchase is just good common sense.

    We are The Buyers Agents – we are here to find the best property for your money, and help you enjoy a hassle free move. And representing thousands of people for more than 30 years, we are experienced and professional.

    Our service begins with a thorough review of what you are looking for and why. Buying a property is about a lot more than just place and price. If a family purchase, we need to take into all the aspects of family live – where you work, school, friends, aspirations. If an investment, returns and exit strategy have to weighed up and considered.

    The SEARCH part of our service is exactly that – searching out the best property both on and off the market. Once found, we need to get you round as soon as we can, and if you like the property, we will encourage you to view again and again, while we begin the due diligence.

    We research the background of the property and the background of the vendor, to put us into the best possible position to NEGOTIATE on your behalf.

    Liaising with you every step of the way, we are looking to have the lowest offer accepted on the best terms to suit you.

    Once the offer has been accepted, we continue to look at every aspect of the property, work with the surveyor, talk to the neighbours, talk to the planners, conferring with your solicitor right up to Exchange of Contracts.

    The property is secured, but the work goes on, helping you with local tradesmen, suppliers, helping you move in and being on hand to advise on any aspect of your new property.

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