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  • Daily Express, 09/02/18

    Bungalows are set to be the coolest living places of the future

     By Louise Ridings, Bill Spreckley  of Stacks Property Finders 

    A good lateral extension and improvement project is likely to show a good return on investment,” says the company’s Louise Ridings.

    “Bungalows suit contemporary design trends for open-plan, lateral space with plenty of opportunity to create access to outside living areas.”

    Her other advice for bungalow owners is: “Invest in energy efficiency – plenty of roof space is great for solar panels – and landscaping.

    “Look at ways of creating interesting and useable indoor/outdoor ergonomics, hiding car parking, and adding character to what is often a large but rather bland plot.

    “As our population ages, high-end bungalows are the asset class of the future, so you must expect to pay now.

    “The days of getting a cheap bungalow because it isn’t a great beauty are sadly long gone.”

    Colleague Bill Spreckley adds: “The price of the humble bungalow will continue its march upwards as it achieves rarity value.”


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