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  • The Telegraph, 26/02/17

    Live in a castle, without paying a king’s ransom

    By Christopher Bartlett of Stacks  Property Search

    Fortified mansions and stately homes are no longer the preserve of the aristocracy – find out how to play lord of the manor from £300,000

    “Moving from a large country house to part of one, with all the associated proportions, window sizes and high ceilings, great views and general grandeur, is much more satisfactory than relocation to a small cottage, even though the square footage may be similar,” says Christopher Bartlett, of Stacks Property Search.

    “Divisions are often more generous, and original rooms are left intact. Also, there are many community advantages. Residents are brought together and bonded by the communality of living. There are huge security advantages, and for those who travel extensively, the lock-up-and-leave aspect is appealing.

    “Plus, there is always a nosy (in a good way) neighbour to keep an eye on things.”

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