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  • The Times, 24/02/17

    Spring is almost here, time for a makeover

    By Rachel Johnston of Stacks  Property Search

    Size matters – The size, shape, positioning and gradient of a garden can be crucial to the appeal of a home. Some househunters reject any plot if it is not south-facing, or private — but this is not the end of the story.

    Some buyers apply strict garden rules, says Rachel Johnston, a dorector at Stacks Property Search. An urban flat — or a Mayfair townhouse — does not need to have a garden, but some form of outside space does add value. The closer to the centre of town, the smaller a garden can be. A spot for outside entertaining is acceptable in a non-central suburb. Yet such a plot should be as wide as the house and accessible from the rear of the property.

    Houses in smart outer suburbs and houses on the edge of towns or villages should have a garden that is at least the same size as the square footage of the property.

    And size still matters in the case of rural homes outside villages or towns. A six-bedroom rural house should have an acre of garden, a five-bedroom house should have three quarters of an acre, and a four-bedroom house should have half an acre. Johnston adds: “It’s important not to confuse ‘garden’ with ‘land’. Any land should be in addition to garden space.” 

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