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  • Sunday Times, 17/06/18

    How to buy your first family home

     By James Greenwood of Stacks Property Finders 

    The biggest challenge for new parents isn’t nappies or sleepless nights, it’s swapping first flat for family home.

    James Greenwood is managing director of Stacks Property Search, which now runs surgeries in its London offices for couples struggling to rank their house-moving priorities. He thinks parents of young children should be braver about moving out of big cities: “These days you’re never more than 15 minutes from a latte, wherever you land.”

    He also advises planning around the “three main markers” — starting primary school, the beginning of secondary school and the end of tertiary education — but not fixating, as many couples do, on the primary stage. “Decent secondaries are harder to come by and will always have good primary-school feeders,” he says. “In my experience, it’s the families who think longer-term who put themselves in the best place.”


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