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  • The Times, 07/01/18

    10 steps to climbing the property ladder

     By Clare Coode & Bill Spreckley of Stacks Property Finders 

    Moving to a bigger home is a costly business — but this year could offer a golden opportunity

    Moving from a coastal village to one a mile inland can knock 50% off the price, while leaving you within reach of all your favourite friends, places and beaches,” says Clare Coode, a buying agent for Stacks Property Search in Cornwall. “Rock is a perfect example. A bungalow here can cost upwards of £1m, but moving just a mile inland would buy more than twice the square footage for the same price.

    Another way to save is to buy a home a bit further from the station. On the West Sussex/Surrey borders, the price differential between Haslemere, which has a mainline station, and Midhurst, a 15-minute drive away, is 25%-30%, says Coode’s colleague Bill Spreckley.


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