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  • House Beautiful 05/09/17

    Five ways to lose a house sale

    Here’s our expert guide to the things that put buyers off your property – and how to fix them.

    By James Greenwood of Stacks Property Finders 

    Stone cladding, outmoded pebble dash and shabby render all deter would-be buyers. But it may not take much to turn an ugly property into a swan,” says James Greenwood of Stacks Property Search. “Sellers should stress that it can mean paying less for a better location and more space. Going ugly and paying for a facelift can be a wise move.”

    The Fix: “There’s a lot you can do by painting, landscaping or re-rendering,” advises James. “Remove or replace unsightly additions such as porches and conservatories, grow climbers, upgrade the drive; one of the most spectacular improvements is to replace or repaint windows.”


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