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    Stacks Property Finders for Bath, Cotswolds South, Gloucestershire East and Wiltshire North

    What is Stacks?

    Stacks is totally independent and the oldest established property finding and buying service in the U.K.

    • Why use a buying agent?
    • To save you time, money and stress.
    • To represent your best interests when investing in a property purchase.
    • To elevate your status as a buyer

    Professional Expertise

    Craig Fuller is the local regional director and property finder for Stacks Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Bath and has an intimate knowledge of the area.

    Finding a property to buy can be a daunting proposition when tackled alone but with Jo`s help and guidance she can lead you through the process efficiently and with the minimum amount of stress.

    Craig is able to recommend surveyors, solicitors and other relevant property professionals that may be needed and advise you on broader issues surrounding a purchase.

    Craig will do all the due diligence on the property and work closely with yourselves and the chosen professionals to ensure you receive the right advice and avoid costly mistakes.

    Finding a Property

    Craig has established professional relationships with the estate agents in the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire region and they know and trust him.

    Craig can help you find your perfect property by using these relationships to your advantage. Estate Agents will inform him of property they have valued or that is being marketed quietly and allow him an early viewing or details, immediately giving you a head start and putting you ahead of the competition.

    Craig is often the recipient of privileged information from individuals wanting to sell their property or of someone they know who does. In addition, if a client has a small defined search area, Craig is able to effectively use mail-shots to target houses that they may be interested in.

    Saving you Money

    Time is money. Craig can save you considerable time during the search process only showing you a selection of properties that match your requirements.

    Negotiation is a key role of a buying agent and securing the best deal for the clients is paramount. Craig is in a much stronger position and can be a more effective negotiator because he is not personally or emotionally attached to the property.

    From Craig`s evaluation of the property he can give you his professional opinion on its true value in the current market and submit a serious offer accordingly. An offer that can be substantiated is always taken seriously and is more likely to be accepted

    Estate Agents consider an offer from a buying agent more highly because they know the client is serious, informed, qualified and more likely to result in a successful sale.

    Trouble Free Completion

    A price agreed does not necessarily mean a property secured. Craig is there to steer the purchase as smoothly as possible through to Exchange and Completion by liaising closely and maintaining a constant dialogue with the solicitors and estate agents to overcome any problems along the way.

    Craig aims to provide a personal service that puts his clients first, ensuring that they acquire the best property at the very best value with the least amount of stress.

    Call  Craig Fuller to discuss what you are looking for.
    Tel:  +44(0) 7767211707
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