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    Stacks Property Finders for Cornwall

    Stacks Cornwall covers the whole of this wonderful, vibrant country. Cornwall offers such a diverse range of properties and locations.

    Our office is centrally located to find and secure your ideal purchase. Utilising our extensive knowledge of the local area, our mission is to provide you with a hassle free property search experience.

    With a coastline in excess of 690 km (including the Isles of Scilly), rolling moorland and scenic waterways, Cornwall is a wonderful place to live, work and holiday.

    Ten Good Reasons for using Stacks

    1. The dramatic turn in the market has posed more questions than answers – we will arm you with valuable information in a confusing market.
    2. Establishing exactly what the value of a property is in the current market, given a lack of comparables and falling prices, can be virtually impossible. Our job is to advise you what you should be paying.
    3. Many properties are being marketed quietly – we will know about these properties and get you in to see them early.
    4. We negotiate hard on your behalf, knowing how far to push it. Stack’s best deal?
    5. Buyers represented by us are taken more seriously by both estate agents and vendors.
    6. We paint a wide picture, arming you with plenty of information about the property and the area, allowing you to make an informed decision.
    7. Buying property can be emotional – we make sure your decisions are well-balanced ones.
    8. Using a buying agent to handle negotiations dramatically decreases the risk of a purchase falling through and chains falling apart.
    9. ‘Are we doing the right thing?’ is a frequently asked question in today’s market – we go through all the issues with you and make sure your decisions have firm foundations.
    10. Buying agents are often considered the preserve of the super-rich, for whom surgically negotiating the very best price is not necessarily that important. For buyers working under normal financial conditions, the savings of time, money and heartache that Stacks delivers is enormous.
    Call Clare Coode to discuss what you are looking for.
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