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    General Election 2017

    Our message remains – ‘if you want to move, don’t hesitate, but start making arrangements to get into the market now. There are some great properties out here at good prices.’ 

    In our view, the uncertainties of the snap General Election, Brexit negotiations, a Trump Administration, a potential Scottish Referendum etc. etc. etc. create an opportunity for committed buyers – uncertainty = opportunity.

    Since the beginning of 2017, the markets have traded effectively both in London and the Country, although activity levels are down significantly in both, and both have been pretty turgid.

    We see the snap General Election having little to no affect on the market.  In fact, there will be opportunities for those who stay active.

    The word being used most is……’shortage’.  There is a severe lack of stock in many parts of the country.  So good property is selling well.

    Having said that, we don’t expect much movement in price over the next 12 months. Quite clearly the London market was weakened by the Brexit result, but limited supply is matching demand in most sectors. Without doubt, there are good deals to be done. Our advice to buyers – get active now.

    Prices have stabilised in London and should remain relatively stable across the UK.

    Those looking to move from London to the Country are still being presented with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to swap a moderate London property for a spectacular rural home.

    If you are planning to make the London-to-Country move in the foreseeable future, depending on your circumstances and position, you want to get on with it now.

    Vendors have absolutely no excuses for asking excessive prices. Vendors, please, please, please no more silly asking prices. Speak to your local estate agents. Trust their judgement as to the price your property will sell at.

    The property market is about people, and people have to move house – there are now over 5 million properties that might have been expected to change hands since 2007/08, which haven’t. Mainly because they haven’t come to the market.

    The clever vendors are aggressively marketing their houses with good agents at the right price – a keen, competitive, fair and reasonable price. Our advice to sellers would be – ‘be realistic’.

    If you are selling and buying, start looking for your new home now, and certainly from the moment that your current property goes on the market. (If you want help getting a good local estate agent round to ask their advice on selling your property, just contact us and we will put you in touch).

    On the assumption that most people have to buy AND sell a property, 2017 remains a good time to be moving. And for those living in London, a generational opportunity to buy that home in the Country.

    James Greeenwood

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