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  • Surgery in London on 18/07/18

    Fancy some ‘property therapy?

    Moving house is up there in the top 3 for the most stressful undertakings during a lifetime.

    So, no, we are not offering to write you a prescription to take down to your local pharmacy, but we are offering you some free advice, that we know you will find useful.

    Our ‘surgeries’ consist of a 30 to 45-minute consultation in our London office, and we call them ‘surgeries’ for a reason.

    Like a consultation with the doctor, we ask you to explain the problems that you are facing.  We all know the jumble of thoughts that keep you awake at night as you contemplate a move


    Sometimes, it’s just good to air those worries.

    • What house?
    • Where?
    • Can we afford it?
    • Is it the right time to move?

    At Stacks we have answered these questions many thousands of times.

    We can help you.

    To book a consultation for a our next ‘surgery’, please, email jamesgreenwood@stacks.co.uk or meg@stacks.co.uk.

    If you would like the Stacks Team to help you with your property search, please call 01594 842880

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