Are you thinking of moving to the UK from Europe?

This green and pleasant land has a magnetic appeal and offers many great things. But the prospect of travelling to and fro to find a new home you like in the UK, and then dealing with the whole process of negotiating and buying it can be a daunting one. When time and distance aren’t on your side, it’s worth turning to experts for help.


We’ve been helping clients move from Europe to the UK for 35 years

When you are a long way from the UK, it is a huge advantage having somebody on the ground, acting as your personal buying agent. Not only are they fully up to date with how the market and buying process works, but they’re local with their ear to the ground.

When we see or hear of a possible property for a client, we’re in the car and off to take a look. We know what you’re looking for, and if it’s no good we won’t waste your time. And that means you haven’t had to book flights, rush around, make arrangements… all for nothing.

What we do do for you instead, though, is review every property that’s remotely close to your brief, short list the right ones, and then arrange a day for you to come and view them all in one go. You just have to fly over, allow yourself to be driven round by our local Area Director, discuss your thoughts, and we do the rest.


Sound too good to be true? It’s not…

This is what we do day-in-day-out for clients across the UK and abroad. We live and breathe property, so you can short-cut your way to the right one for you.

Remember, we’re acting on your behalf as a buyer. We are not estate agents quietly representing the interests of a seller. You may have been out of the UK property market some time, but our up-to-date local knowledge means we know exactly where local prices are, and can negotiate the very best price for you on the best terms to suit your circumstances.


Did you know 50% of transactions collapse during conveyancing?

… But not when Stacks are involved. Conveyancing is time consuming, sometimes complicated, and often full of hidden surprises. Having been doing this for 35 years, we have experience of pretty much all the ugly challenges that can arise, and we often know how to avoid them in advance.

Our track record shows that once we have a property under offer for a client, they can be pretty sure it will exchange and complete successfully.

If you’d like to find out more about our UK Property Relocation Service, please click here; we have a page dedicated to the subject. But if you’d prefer to speak to someone, please do give us a call. We regularly liaise on the phone or Skype and we’d be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail.

We are here to help every step of the way:

Find the right property
Negotiate the best price
Avoid the estate agents
Handle solicitors, surveyor
See the best houses
Have the market come to you
Move without stress and hassle
Save time
Save money
We make house-buying simple

Why choose Stacks as your buying agent?

Not only do we offer great service, we also have a great track record and are recognised as the experts in the market.


Savings on
asking price


transaction rate

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    Here’s how we do it

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    Search on and off market

    Search on and
    off the market

    We can find homes people don’t even know are available. We discuss with you what you’re looking for… and then we start searching.

    View Properties & carry out research

    View Properties
    & carry out research

    We can save you time. We’ll do an initial viewing and research the background of both the property and the vendor.

    Negotiate Price & get the best terms

    Negotiate Price
    & get the best terms

    We’re working for YOU. The agents want a sale; we want the right home for you. We negotiate on your behalf to get the best price and terms for you.

    Contracts completion of sale

    Contracts, paperwork,
    completion of sale

    We take the flak and the frustration. We chase the solicitors, track the paperwork, cross the ‘T’s and dot the ‘I’s for you.