Moving to the UK from Abroad: Our Step-By-Step Process

There are several reasons why you may be looking to move to the UK from abroad: for a career, to be closer to family, for cultural reasons or simply personal choice.

Moving to the UK from abroad can be a daunting experience. Moving house is difficult enough anyway, but moving country makes it even more complicated.

If you’re considering moving to the UK from abroad and want to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible, Stacks Property Search and Acquisition is here. We work with our clients closely to make sure they:

  • Find a property in their ideal location
  • Pay the right price for their new property
  • Provide information and advice about the area they would like to move to

Our Process for Moving to the UK from Abroad 

We are regularly involved in helping our clients move to the UK from abroad. So, we’ve created a checklist to ensure the process runs smoothly.

  1. Talk to our Clients

Our initial step involves a comprehensive discussion of your thoughts and plans for moving to the UK. This could take place when you are visiting the UK so that we can talk face-to-face, or if this isn’t possible, we can also connect via video or phone.

During this initial discussion, we gain insight into your lifestyle, interests, preferences, and essential factors for your move to the UK. We discuss schooling and work accessibility, your hobbies and interests and any “must haves” for your new property or area.

Your responses will constitute a vital part of our brief, aiding us in comprehending your requirements and motivations.

  1. We Start our Initial Search

After our initial discussion, we begin our search for your new home. Because we work in the property market with local estate agents, we have access to a lot of inside information, which means we have the knack for uncovering potential properties, even those not officially listed.

After compiling a shortlist, we’ll conduct preliminary viewings and identify properties we believe are worth your consideration. Then we can organise the viewings with you for when you are visiting the UK. An in-person visit is always best, but we have the tools to compensate if you are unavailable.

While searching for your ideal property, we will also research the vendors. This gives us a clearer picture of what to expect when it comes to making offers or how we believe a vendor will react.

  1. Negotiate on Your Behalf

We work in the property market day in and day out. We know what makes a good deal and when a property has a higher asking price than needed, and are your experts in negotiating for your property. We pride ourselves on getting the best prices for our clients on their properties, using our years of experience and relationships.

  1. Tie Everything Together

When you’re moving to the UK from abroad, finding contractors, solicitors, and planners can be difficult. So why not leave it to us? We’re here where your property is, so we’re in the best position to liaise with all parties on your behalf.  

  1. Help with the Move

The actual process of moving can be very daunting for anyone moving to the UK from abroad. So, we are on hand to help in any way we can. We can provide recommendations for moving companies, put you in contact with local tradespeople and ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.

Other Considerations for Moving to the UK from Abroad

Of course, the above is a guide on how moving to the UK from abroad can work practically when you work with a property finder like Stacks. There are many other aspects which require consideration that you should look into before you take the step and migrate.

  • Visa and Immigration – research the visa rules and regulations and make sure you comply.
  • Personal Finances – you must ensure all personal finances are in order before you move.
  • Healthcare Plans – Do you need a healthcare plan, and where will you obtain this?
  • Education – if you have children or are in education yourself, you may want to consider how this can be transferred.
  • Employment – Will you need to find work? If you have a job, you are moving for, this may determine your location.
  • Transportation – are you taking a vehicle with you? Or is this another purchase you will need to make? Or will you be relying on public transportation?
  • Language and Culture – Make sure you research the differences between your culture and the culture of the area you are moving to so that you know how to behave and what to expect.
  • Networking and Social Integration – how will you settle into your new area? Can you find local communities and social groups you would like to join?
  • Emergency Contacts – are all of your current emergency contacts abroad?
  • Pets – do you have pets? Will you be bringing them with you or rehoming them before you leave?

Working with Stacks 

If you are moving to the UK from abroad, working with a property agent like Stacks can make the process far easier and less time-consuming.

We can help you move to the UK from anywhere abroad – but, if you’re moving from any of the below areas, you may find the following information useful.

If you require help and support or have any questions about working with a buying agent, then contact us today.

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