Practical Advice on Separation


Stacks also has the following practical advice for newly separated purchasers:

Remember that this is probably not how it will be forever.The chances are that new relationships will flourish, new opportunities will arise, so in the short term:

Don’t flee:

Location is almost certainly your main priority and, whilst the initial temptation maybe to have a clean break, friends and family will be important to you, so make sure you don’t feel isolated. You need people who make you feel better close by. If you have children, they too will appreciate the comfort of familiar faces on the doorstep and some continuity in terms of schools, and friends will give them emotional stability at a challenging time.  Consider at least a six month rental close to your old family home while you lick your wounds and take stock.

Think Resale:

If renting really isn’t an option, concentrate on resale issues when buying – try to buy something that will sell easily and won’t lose money in the short term. For instance, don’t buy new as you will be paying a dividend difficult to recoup in the short-term, and don’t buy anything blighted in any way that may prove difficult to sell.

Aim for “much the same, but much easier”:

Try and make the logistics of your life easier rather than more difficult – so look carefully at commuting runs/school runs. You will have less support, so your life needs to run as smoothly as possible. If you’ve been living in a remote area, consider the benefits of living in a community. You will find you need more help, and neighbours are generally happy to help with the logistics of running a house single-handedly, accepting deliveries and letting the dog out, for instance. You will also find it easier to find help with the children e.g. babysitting and school runs.  Consider safety and security of the property as well at this point – will it be empty more frequently?

Quantity over Quality:

When you come to buy, concentrate on getting plenty of space for your money – this may be at the expense of aesthetics, but space will be the thing you miss most when downsizing. It’s worth considering the possibility of buying a larger house than you need, or looking at the finances of hanging onto the family home, and gaining from it financially, for example, renting out a room or offering bed and breakfast.

See also : Making your Property Work for You


Finally, consider one of the small benefits – this is a great opportunity to get rid of unwanted possessions. Rent a skip and take some small solace from hurling junk into it, and make sure your ex-spouse/partner takes all the hand-me-downs from his/her family that you’ve always hated, but had to endure. Start your new life surrounded by things you love. (P.S. It reduces removal costs too!)

If all this is helping you begin to formulate your property plan, there is more guidance here, including thinking about Selling your Property after a Split.

When you are ready to commit to buying somewhere new, consider the advantages of using Property Finder to represent your interests at this trying time.

And don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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