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Property owners continue to hang on to the family home much longer than is necessary – even when the financial and lifestyle benefits of downsizing are crystal clear.  So why is it that the new generation of empty nesters are so reluctant to downsize?

There are obviously very real reasons why people put off downsizing – the cost of moving, stamp duty, the practical issues surrounding finding something suitable and actually making the move. In the current market, they may be discouraged from moving as they are seeing little on the portals that suits them. But most significantly, and a greater hurdle in our experience, is the fear of change, fear of letting go of the past, and the emotional hoops that will have to be jumped through to decide what to replace the family home with.

There are of course numerous side-benefits, and we would encourage those empty-nesters who anticipate downsizing to start thinking about it early, not to put it off until the need has become urgent. Emotional decisions are much harder to make when the pressure is on. There is a huge amount of planning and research to be done, and this can be achieved better where there are minimal time pressures. In the nicest possible way, we tend to become more inflexible as we become older and so coming to satisfactory conclusions can take longer than previously.

As a Downsizing Property Search Specialist, Stacks Property Search has helped empty-nesters with their property search for over 30 years, and we know how to get you moving beyond your obstacles:

  • We’re not put off by a lack of stock that shows on the internet, if you’re looking seriously and urgent, then opportunities will present themselves, and we have the relationships with the agents to uncover all your options.
  • We know the villages, towns, communities and, often, the houses well, and can provide you context and help you understand the choices you are making. Our years of experience with other downsizers can give you a fresh perspective, with no emotional component, as our only goal is get you into the right house – you will be our best marketeers once installed, so we need you to be completely satisfied.
  • This is our full-time job, you can concentrate on living your life whilst we do the vetting and just swoop in to give an opinion on a pre-screened house that has real potential. Or you can be fully involved and receive blow-by-blow updates of the search, and use us as your eyes, ears and feet on the ground.
  • We can help you balance the competing opinions from family and friends, well-meaning or otherwise. We’ll help you be resolute and put your own needs first, and include important people in the process as you wish. 
  • We can be empathetic, but remain clear-eyed on your behalf. We play devils’ advocate when needed, and point out – gently – when the décor is catching your eye, rather than the layout. 
  • A househunt is a journey, we know that. You will be free to like diametrically opposite houses, in totally different locations, repeatedly, until your preferences solidify.  We can guarantee that you’ll never be pressured into buying the wrong house, and we’ll give you all the information you need to feel completely in control and ready to commit when the right property appears.
  • We understand the emotional hurdles that you are facing, and the ups and downs of moving out of the family home can be significant. We can support you through that, helping you to reach the point where the move is a new start, not a poorer version of what you had before, and something to look forward to with enthusiasm.
  • We don’t just help you choose a property, we help you secure it. Our experience, knowledge and contacts are put to use to remove as much of the stress of the house-buying purchase as possible, negotiating with agents, chivvying solicitors, wrangling surveyors, whatever is necessary.  We’ll ensure that nothing gets missed, and will even make tea for the moving guys on Completion Day !!

Advantages to downsizing are often only fully appreciated after the move has taken place. The improved lifestyle, proximity to family, amenities and transport, decreased maintenance issues, and improved or specialist ergonomics can be incredibly liberating.  One of the best things about downsizing is that once you’ve done it you shouldn’t have to do it again! So we won’t let you just consider your needs as they are at the moment, we’ll make sure it will suit you, or can be adapted, when you become less active and possibly less mobile.

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