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‘Semi-rural’ ranks as one of the most unattractive words used by estate agents, but is also surprisingly descriptive.  What does it actually mean?

A ‘semi-rural’ property is what it says on the tin, in a location that is sort-of country but is not officially considered as ‘The Countryside’. 

Stacks defines ‘semi-rural’ as…..’a rural setting within 12 minutes of a decent latte’!

Semi-rural is a catch-all that can include suburbs surrounded by farmland, villages, hamlets, and stand-alone houses with a mile or two of a largish town.  The underlying principle is that the property is within easy distance of a town with full facilities – it sums up properties that have the best of both worlds eg a rural setting, with urban amenities close at hand – which is often what, when we get down to brass tacks, is what our clients want!

Semi-rural locations become ever more desirable, but it is important to sense-check for your lifestyles – do not fall between 2 stools and be neither rural, nor urban, just isolated – if that is not what you want!  You also want to thoroughly investigate how further development might erode the sense of ‘countryside’ that you are looking to have access to on your doorstep.

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