Nick Wooldridge helped us find our dream home when we moved from London to Berkshire and saved us a lot of time and stress in the process. When we set out on this adventure, we had no idea how indispensable Nick would become. He applied our search criteria diligently when choosing potential properties, got us access to several off-market properties and whenever possible visited homes without us in the first instance to ensure they were as expected. 

Nick knows Eastern Berkshire like the back of his hand and has vast knowledge of all aspects of purchasing property. He is always punctual, well prepared and polite. It was a pleasure to be driven around the county by him visiting houses. He went above and beyond to ensure the due diligence on each potential property was done meticulously, inspecting and showing different areas of each property, checking the land registry and asking detailed questions to agents and vendors.

Once we had found our dream home Nick worked even harder to ensure that all ran smoothly, managing communication with the vendor, surveyors, solicitors, lenders and various tradesmen involved. 

We wholeheartedly recommend Nick, you will be lucky to work with him!

Mr & Mrs S

Stacks are extremely good.  My thanks to Nick, at Berkshire East and South Bucks.  I gave Nick three briefs of what I was looking for and he found one property that suited all three!!  And also to Linda, at West Berkshire and Oxford South.  Linda found precisely what I was looking for and even, on my request, made an offer before I had even seen the property!!  Now the owner of two properties.  You both saved me many miles of driving and were both very professional, and I would not hesitate to use you again.  Many thanks.


Moving out of London to an area with which we were unfamiliar was daunting enough, but having an incredibly wide search area plus a list of very specific requirements meant that house hunting quickly became a challenge for which we lacked time and patience.  With both of us working full time and many weekends busy, we found that we were only able to view one property every two or three weeks and usually wrote it off as a contender on arrival because of missing information from estate agents’ particulars.

We were recommend to use a search agency by family and spoke to several before meeting Rachel and Nick from Stacks. The best decision we could have made!

They considered every property within our wide search area which did, or potentially could, meet our very specific criteria.  We have a child with additional needs and needed a home that will work for a growing family but also provide long term options for the future.  We had to accommodate two separate school runs and five separate work locations scattered along the length of Hertfordshire, plus a daily commute to London.

Rachel and Nick then made a “short list” of potential properties and we had a long viewing day covering 6/7 of the best properties. This was a much more effective way of viewing and we were soon able to refine our wish list.  With their contacts in the business, we were also able to view properties before they were officially on the market.

Because of their experience, they were able to make suggestions for alterations and locate relevant tradespeople in the area for advice and quotes, which helped make the decision making process so much easier.  They were invaluable in their advice, particularly when it came to negotiation on price!

We cannot imagine how long it would have taken us to find our perfect home without Stacks – and we suspect that we would have compromised a long time ago!

Michael & Annabel 

From the outset, working with Nick was very helpful.  The first stage of his process (scoping out requirements) was very useful in really focusing our minds on what we were looking for and drew our attention to quite a few things we hadn’t even thought about (we had thought a lot about where but nothing about type of house).

On our first viewing day we saw six properties and of those, five were really good matches for what we were looking for and they were all very intelligently selected to cover the range of possibilities we were looking at in terms of area, type of house and work required (from complete renovation to brand new).

Nick is also impeccably well organised – provided us with an itinerary for the day, got us to all our viewings on the dot and gave us a nice lunch!  We offered on one of the six and this is the house we now live in.  Nick also managed the whole buying process – negotiating with the agent, advising on offer prices, liaising with surveyor, solicitor and other parties ensuring this process ran very smoothly with minimal input from us.

Richard & Rhi

We now own a most suitable house in the position of our dreams thanks to both Linda Jeffcoat and Nick Wooldridge at Stacks.  Our requirements were specific and the riverside property they found for us, with mooring, was acquired only because of their professionalism and tact all the way through the buying process and beyond.  We heartedly recommend Stacks for their first class service and we are grateful for the pleasure of working closely with Linda and Nick.

David & Ann

Should I move again I shall definitely use you again.  Many thanks.

Mrs Hughes

My wife and I engaged Nick to locate a new house for us. Despite a fairly restrictive set of requirements, Nick located a suitable property and went out of his way to assist us with locating and engaging Solicitor, Architect and other professionals we needed. Nick was always very friendly, but professional and courteous to us and delivered a great service at a reasonable cost. We now look on him as a friend as well, and have no hesitation in recommending his service to others.


I was impressed with your approach and level of professionalism. I will happily recommend your services to others that may require it.

Mr H Singh

I called upon Nick’s services to locate a family home that we could return to after our assignment in Asia ended.  With three children we had a broad brief to satisfy our lifestyle, schooling and personal requirements but no specific location in mind.  Nick was creative in his approach, came up with a good selection of properties and steered us in the most appropriate direction to locate the ideal home.  From that point on Nick took control of the emotional process that is property purchase, leveraging his toolkit of contacts to provide support at various stages of the purchase to ensure a smooth transaction that ran to the timeline agreed by all parties.  Nick takes great pride in his service, is an expert in his field and above all, demonstrated integrity in all our interaction with him. I would recommend his services.


Around six months ago while moving house I used a most excellent and professional property search firm called Stacks.  The chap we used there is called Nick Wooldridge.  Thanks again, we’re both delighted.

John & Michelle

When we came last year to setting about selling two properties and buying another one we found ourselves entering a market that had changed in many respects since our previous experiences several decades ago.  One thing that struck me as we got going was that, whilst there was advice and support available to us, in particular from estate agents, on the selling side, there was no one to advise and act for us, and put our interests first, on the buying side, which was in many respects the more difficult and important side for us.

It was only then that I became aware of the developing profession in this country of buyers, or search, agents.  And after some research I rapidly concluded that this was the missing piece in the jigsaw I was looking for and, as you know, after discussions with several agents we asked you to act for us and have not regretted doing so.

Given that we are both retired and have the internet at our disposal we could of course have searched for ourselves.  But our early attempts to do so were not yielding anything but increased uncertainty and confusion and you were able, by taking on much of the responsibility and the effort, to enable us to relax and enjoy the process, and indeed adventure, rather than feeling bogged down in it.  It was also invaluable to have someone to try out ideas on and get feed-back on the practicalities and alternatives.  Along the way you were also able to provide advice on the selling side, such as on the choice of estate agents and the way they were handling the sales at the various stages.

When it came to your finding the house we eventually bought, you we able to give us confidence that we were doing the right thing and to conduct negotiations on our behalf with the seller on the price and associated arrangements.  Your advice did not stop there as you commissioned surveyors and followed-up on their report and also provided guidance on many aspects of advice we were getting from our solicitors on the sales as well as on the purchase.  Other areas on which you have been able to advise included bridging loans and suggestions for local tradesmen for any work to be done on the new house.

As I look back at the whole process I am confirmed in the wisdom and value of engaging a buyer’s agent.  In particular, it is not just about finding the right house, but of having someone with relevant expertise and experience at one’s side, providing continuous advice and support on the many issues that can and do arise, and above all acting in one’s own interest.  You did all that we could have hoped for, and more, and made a complex and difficult period for us so much less stressful than it would otherwise have been.  Thank you for that.

Douglas & Audrey 

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    “You showed fantastic attention to detail, anticipated all eventualities, and provided timely and practical help and guidance every step of the way.  Above all, you supported me in making my own considered decisions, and I am so grateful to you for all your help in getting me to where I am now!”

    “We firmly believe that without Rachel and her skilled negotiation we would not have secured the property.”

    “We felt they genuinely wanted to help.”

    “Stacks’ performance on this assignment has been absolutely outstanding and more than met my expectations. Her understanding of the brief and the ‘after-find’ service set a standard of professionalism that I have not met before.”

    “It is not often that one is pleased to part with money but I can truthfully say that I am on this occasion. You have earned every penny of this cheque and what is more, you have done it with great courtesy and good humour. It has been very pleasant working with you. You really did take most of the stress out of our house hunting.”

    “Encouraging me to think creatively about what could work for me.”

    “Finding a plot not yet on the market and persuading the developer to enter into an exclusive contract with me to build to my specification.

    “I was impressed by the efficient, kind and courteous service provided by Stacks”

    “Stacks were a tremendous help and we would never have found our home without them. She is a lovely person with a great sense of humour which was essential during some of our tricky negotiations

    “You gave a much-valued ‘younger’ perspective on our situation, which was a real asset”

    “We found the service extremely helpful and professional at all times”

    “I have been delighted with the service I have received from Stacks and will not hesitate to recommend Stacks in the future.”

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