“We recently worked with Ed to help purchase our traditional thatched Devon cottage, which came up for sale in the beautiful area of South Pool. 

In need of complete renovation, we were excited about the opportunity and unique location it offered. Having missed out on a few other property purchases, we wanted our next property offer to have the best possible chance, which is why we looked to find a local buying agent. Ed’s expertise, local knowledge and experience were all instrumental in securing the purchase. Ed was always on-hand to offer help and advice as we navigated what was a bumpy and lengthy purchase process. We’re so excited to have been successful – we would heartily recommend Ed to anyone considering his services.”

Tom Kiss

“What can we say about Ed that hasn’t already been covered in the many deservedly glowing plaudits.

Put simply, we would not have found our house without Ed. He is the bloodhound of property searchers.

We had a ridiculously tricky wish list that would have defeated a lesser person.

Lots of land – but in a village!

A feeling of privacy and solitude – but near a pub!

In a National Park – but not listed please.

And yes, Ed found it. It wasn’t even on the market.

His excellent relationships with local agents ensured that he got a sniff of our private sale before any other property searcher.

And once the offer had been accepted, Ed continued to support us through the process, helping us to navigate any obstacles with his wide ranging network of expert contacts in fields such as insurance and planning.

Ed truly loves his job, his passion is palpable and his patience extraordinary.  We’ve really enjoyed house hunting with him. It was a pleasure. We’d highly recommend Ed to anyone hoping to buy a property in Devon.”

Emma and Charlie Wilson

“When we decided to relocate to the UK after spending over 20 years overseas, we assumed we’d have to rent for some time, trawl through online listings and spend countless hours talking to estate agents and  inspecting properties. However, in late 2023 we saw a house for sale in South Devon that looked like it would fit the bill. Problem – we were in the wrong hemisphere, and the vendors needed a quick sale! We had previously had contact with Stacks’ representatives in Cornwall and Devon / Somerset but needed someone on the ground in the South Hams. Ed  became our “eyes and ears”, liaising regularly by video chats on WhatsApp, and sent us detailed videos of the house, gardens, paddocks, walking the nearby lanes and footpaths, driving into and around the village, and chatting to the neighbours. Even though we were out of the country we felt we had a pretty complete picture of the property. Ed arranged solicitors and surveyor, was there at the building inspection for a first hand report, and then “held our hands”: through the bidding, offer, exchange, negotiations and final inspection and completion processes – all before we set foot in England. With Ed’s wise counsel and local knowledge we had confidence in what we were buying, and were not disappointed when we first set foot in our new house a few days after we landed at Heathrow in early February 2024.”

G and G, relocating from Australia

“We would definitely recommend Ed Jephson to help you find your dream house in the South West. We had started the search for a second home in Devon and had missed out on one and then couldn’t find anything. Ed was great as we live in Cheshire so weren’t always available to view properties. Ed would view them and take videos for us. He would point out the good and bad points of each property which was extremely helpful. When we found our house he guided us expertly through the process . His knowledge and relationships with the estate agents meant that we secured our property in a very competitive market. Thanks so much Ed.”

Kynan and Pip Massey

“Ed Jephson did a brilliant job in finding us a house in a very difficult market, then guiding us through every stage of the process. Were it not for him, we would almost certainly still be looking today. By correctly interpreting our needs and finding a house before it was advertised for sale, Ed saved us a great deal of time and potential disappointment. The house might well have been a lot more expensive had we been competing against other buyers: so, alongside the smoothness of the process, we almost certainly saved more money than the fees we paid Stacks. Ed is a true gent and a pleasure to work with.

Altogether, we couldn’t be happier with the service Ed and Stacks provided, and would recommend them to anyone.”

George and Rebecca

We cannot recommend Ed highly enough, without him we would never have found our dream house in Totnes. From the beginning he was enthusiastic and proactive. He managed to work out exactly what my partner and I wanted and needed from our new house and did frequent video viewings of relevant properties. When we found a house we were interested in he advised us of the urgency with which to come down from London to view it. He guided us through a tricky negotiation and I am sure without him we would still be looking now. He has a lot of local contacts, so was able to recommend a number of local surveyors, solicitors and specialist advisors. Since we have moved into our dream house, Ed has continued to help with local trades from his little black book. Thanks again Ed!

Pete & Ruth

“Ed Jephson is definitely bright eyed, so probably also bushy tailed!

He loves the hunt and during this process he is most conscientious.

We retained him in July 2022 and closed on a purchase end of November that year.

Ed has become a friend. He was delightful to work with and assisted much more broadly than the identification of a property.”

The van der Woude family

“I wholeheartedly recommend Edward Jephson as a property finder and negotiator. Firstly his warm, friendly personality makes it a pleasure to be working with him. Then he is very well-connected with the agents and other professionals related to the field. He has many years experience in this business and so is very knowledgeable and if there is something he is not sure about he will know an expert in that field that he can consult. He certainly knows the ins and outs of how best to negotiate and he reduced the purchase price for me. He makes a point of really finding out exactly his clients are looking for and then seeking out a perfect match. Above all I believe Ed to be trustworthy and kind and caring which is so important and it enabled me to feel very supported in the whole house-buying process. Thanks again, Ed, I am very happy in my new home!!”

Michelle L

“As Londoners making a once in a lifetime move to the country, we decided we needed help in finding the right place. We found Ed, who quickly became vital to the success of our enterprise. Not only did he keep his eyes open for good properties, he proved to be a great connector and communicator, and we felt that he was ‘in this with us,’ providing high-level professional guidance, always delivered with energy and humour. This included Ed being prepared to go the extra mile to obtain viewings that had to fit in with our schedule, living some distance from Devon.  Ed was good at sussing out the sorts of places where we would want to live, and we came to trust him completely in his selection of houses for us to view. We had quite specific requirements and are certain that without his experience and skill we would not have been able to purchase the special house in which we now live. Finding a new home can be stressful and demanding, but with Ed it was also exciting and fun, sometimes involving impromptu meals, even ice cream on the beach, while we discussed the latest viewings and made plans.

In our case, Ed also helped us, through a separate enterprise he has set up, to have some work done on the house  (helping draw up plans, finding and supervising workmen, etc), and you might keep this possible additional service in mind if you ask him to help find you a property.

A very big thank you to Ed for accompanying us on this trip, and we can recommend him unreservedly.”

Dr Frederick Mulder CBE LLD
Jane Craig AFBPS Chartered Clin Psych

“We were relocating from Bedfordshire, so having Ed on the ground was invaluable – the fact that he relocated with his own family a few years ago, meant that he understood and empathized entirely with our situation. Ed’s knowledge of the local schools, eateries and other amenities helped us to narrow our search to areas that suited our needs.

Being based in the South Hams meant that Ed was able to physically walk the footpaths around several of the properties we were interested in, to confirm we had good access to dog walks, as well as suitable grazing for our horses. I expect he must have walked in excess of ten miles whilst taking videos and talking us through what he was seeing first hand. Ed’s video of potential properties and the surrounding areas enabled us to quickly short list properties, avoiding wasted journeys and acting fast when suitable ones came to market.

Ed knows the local agents extremely well and used this to his advantage when securing our home off market. He also has a roster of reputable local solicitors and surveyors; he introduced us to an amazing solicitor who delivered a smooth and professional service, resulting in a timely transaction and a successful outcome.

Our family is enjoying our new home immensely; We can’t thank Ed enough and would fully recommend his property buying service.”

Simon H

“We highly recommend Ed! What a relief; we can now rest in our new family home within Dartmoor National Park. Ed was a game changer. He found us an off-market property and we were first (& last) in the door with an offer accepted shortly afterwards.

Ed has the personality that brings a calm and collected approach. His knowledge in the industry and area is outstanding and he understood our brief from the very beginning. This was a dream move for us that was 8 years in the making – no pressure! We weren’t expecting to move at such a tricky time in the market so we truly valued the collaboration with Ed that soon morphed into a partnership. Ed used his contacts as we sought specialist advice along the way, and took the stress out of the communications needed throughout the process. We would encourage anyone moving to South Devon to connect with Ed and seek his expertise in pursuing their dream home”.

“We spoke to a few search agents before we spoke to Ed and his passion, commitment and energy stood out to us, as well as being a really nice guy.

Always there when we needed him; very supportive and reassuring, providing essential advice at many points of our journey. Most importantly Ed was critical in enabling us to secure the property.

So glad we chose him to work with, and now we are living happily in beautiful Devon.”

Helen and David Morely 

“Ed was great from the off in my quest for a house on Dartmoor – doing the footwork when I wasn’t able, keeping an ear to the ground for unexpected properties arising at a time when housing has been very hard to find in the area I was looking in.

I’d been looking for a few years, and decided to work with Ed as a means to cut through the busyness of the market.

As well as his naturally warm manner, genuine passion for what he does, and friendly yet firm approach to the system he works within, Ed puts in the yards and does what he says he’ll do.  He said we’d likely have something together within 3 months.  I had doubts about that, but it’s what happened, due to Ed choosing to see a house that was on the market, which I would likely not have made the effort for, as it wasn’t in the area I thought I wanted to live.  Ed cracked on anyway, sent me some videos, and as it turns out he was bang on and I’m now in a dream house, with a dream garden in a previously unexplored and now much-loved area of my favourite part of the world.

Ed was also thoroughly knowledgeable and on the ball in a light-hearted way throughout the buying process, and helped me make some good calls I may not have made without him, and saw through some shenanigans that could have seen me paying a higher price than I did.  I got the house for under the asking price – a rarity indeed where I am – and I paid his fee on completion a couple of weeks ago with a very pleased flourish of my quill.

Thanks Ed!”

Dan H

“The better properties tend to transact off-market, and once realising this we engaged Ed Jephson of Stacks. Ed has in-depth knowledge of the area and a well tested method of matching buyers and sellers. Within a few weeks several viable options were presented, and once we narrowed the choice Ed managed negotiations which lead to to two successful acquisitions. Ed also introduced a very efficient legal firm and also managed the complex conveyancing aspects. Within a few months of engaging Ed we acquired a dream property as a second home and also a successful holiday let investment property. We believe that without Ed we would likely never have known of these, so all in all it was a great move to have Ed involved and the outcome couldn’t have been better”

Tim H

“Moving house is often likened to the trauma of bereavement or the stress of a short prison sentence!

So to have had the services of professional house finder, Ed Jephson, turned the experience into an exciting and fruitful adventure.

Ed’s previous experience as an estate agent himself and his exhaustive knowledge of the area of the country in which we were interested proved invaluable.

In addition, his close relationship with local agents enabled us to often have first viewings prior to properties going on the open market.

The otherwise time consuming drudge of us having to do endless leg work was exchanged for concise, back to back viewings at convenient times to us and in the knowledge that Ed had whittled the listings down to our precise requirements.

As an added bonus Ed undertook the tricky task of negotiating property prices and contractual niceties on our behalf.

For the very modest fee involved we would recommend the services of Ed Jephson unreservedly to anyone on a serious property quest.”

Dr James & Mrs Christine Willis

“I’m now sitting in my dream property in Devon, and this would not have been possible without Ed’s services.  Ed managed to find this extra special property off-market, I was the first to view this land, and in the current competitive market I felt so fortunate to have my offer accepted.

Buying in the countryside is not as simple as purchasing a city property as there are no many more factors to consider.  Throughout the complex conveyancing process Ed was by my side throughout, being supportive and keeping the ball rolling.

I would highly recommend Ed’s services to expedite finding and securing your dream Devon home.”


“My wife and I were completely new to the UK housing market and were navigating the process from overseas.  Meeting Edward Jephson changed everything.  The process was no longer overwhelming but instead educational and quite enjoyable.  Edward’s detailed videos, his excellent professional contacts and his lovely disposition were invaluable.  In rather a short period of time, we acquired the perfect property for us.  We highly recommend working with Edward Jephson.”

Ms D and Mr D

“We are so grateful to Ed for all his support, help and advice in both helping us find our ideal house in Devon and making the whole process to completion much less stressful.

It was especially difficult for us as we lived in the Midlands and finding the right house in Devon and being able to react quickly in the current market was problematic due to the distances involved.

Ed made sure we were always kept up to date on progress and ensured outstanding issues were dealt with. He was always available to help allay our worries at any time. Nothing seemed to be too much bother to him.

When it came to viewing the houses we were interested in, Ed was there and asking all the right questions and advising and supporting us through any negotiations at the time.

We are not sure we would have been able to secure our ideal house without him, and would still be searching – the decision to use the property find service was definitely the right one as Ed certainly was on the ball to secure our ideal property”

Sue and Michael Nattrass

“Thank you for the lovely flowers received this morning and the kind message. We look forward to seeing you again when you are in this direction.

Thank you for all  your help – we doubt we would be here now without it & thankful for the significantly reduced stress throughout the process.”

Sue and Michael Nattrass

“Grace worked tirelessly to find our dream property. She previewed most of the properties so that we were only presented with the very best, saving us lots of time and hassle. We have now moved in and are so happy with our home and the process from start to finish. Thank you!”

Ms F & Mr G

“Without the guidance and professionalism of Edward Jephson we would not have managed to purchase the property we now own and love. Extraordinarily we bought it without personally viewing it, we were too far away, working in Canada. At every step we were given clear and honest answers to our many questions, there was a momentum that made the whole process not only easy but enjoyable. I highly recommend purchasing through Edward. you won’t be disappointed. Thank you to the highly skilled team, we love our riverside apartment.”

Emma Dunn 

“Having worked with Grace on a previous property, we knew who to call when we decided we needed a larger home. Although moving a little further afield than her normal patch, Grace threw herself into our search and found us a lovely home. We can’t thank her enough for her efforts”

Ms F & Mr G

“Top work Grace. Great property and smooth process!”

Miss E

“Great professional service from Edward Jephson on the purchase of my property
Ed is extremely dedicated, always contactable and provided excellent advice. 
Highly recommend”


“The house is beginning to feel like home!

Thank you Grace, for such a smooth efficient transition”

Ms S

“Grace was a darling to deal with throughout the lettings process, she was extremely thoughtful to suggest a separate viewing so that my children could choose their rooms in our new home. Grace explained the process fully to us and even orchestrated a lovely meeting with the landlords. We were in very safe hands and made to feel totally at ease during what could have been a stressful time!”

Mr and Mrs S

Have recently purchased a property with Ed Jephson – would thoroughly recommend. Ed provided a great service, always ready to listen, professional and very easy to talk to. At offer stage, he helped immensely making sure that is was quickly and decisively agreed. I felt confident leaving it all with him. Would definitely be the first person I would contact again.  


What will a Stacks buying agent in South Devon, Dartmoor & The South Hams Property Finders (also covering West, and Northwest Devon) do for you?

Professional Expertise

We’ll talk with you about how you want to live, the demands of your work, and your plans. We’ll establish what you need from your next home… and why.

Finding a Property

We’ll scour the market, bend the ears of our contacts, and hound the estate agents. We’ll leave no stone unturned to find the right home for you.

Saving you Money

We’ll haggle hard and bring all that we’ve discovered to bear to agree the best terms on your behalf. Our clients enjoy preferred bidder status with estate agents. You’ll have clout.

Trouble Free Completion

We’ll problem-bust, tackle obstacles, arrange surveys, and liaise with planners. A myriad of issues can raise their head at this point… we’ll deal with them all for you.

To discuss what you are looking for call
Ed Tel: 01803 732128 / 07711724939

How We Do It

“You showed fantastic attention to detail, anticipated all eventualities, and provided timely and practical help and guidance every step of the way.  Above all, you supported me in making my own considered decisions, and I am so grateful to you for all your help in getting me to where I am now!”

“We firmly believe that without Rachel and her skilled negotiation we would not have secured the property.”

“We felt they genuinely wanted to help.”

“Stacks’ performance on this assignment has been absolutely outstanding and more than met my expectations. Her understanding of the brief and the ‘after-find’ service set a standard of professionalism that I have not met before.”

“It is not often that one is pleased to part with money but I can truthfully say that I am on this occasion. You have earned every penny of this cheque and what is more, you have done it with great courtesy and good humour. It has been very pleasant working with you. You really did take most of the stress out of our house hunting.”

“Encouraging me to think creatively about what could work for me.”

“Finding a plot not yet on the market and persuading the developer to enter into an exclusive contract with me to build to my specification.

“I was impressed by the efficient, kind and courteous service provided by Stacks”

“Stacks were a tremendous help and we would never have found our home without them. She is a lovely person with a great sense of humour which was essential during some of our tricky negotiations

“You gave a much-valued ‘younger’ perspective on our situation, which was a real asset”

“We found the service extremely helpful and professional at all times”

“I have been delighted with the service I have received from Stacks and will not hesitate to recommend Stacks in the future.”

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